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A humanitarian organization's work is never-ending. We know that you're passionate about your mission, so we want to give you the space to ensure it has your undivided focus. Offload the logistical puzzles that can easily take time away from more important projects. Whether you're looking for a partner to consult on your travel program from the ground up, or you're just looking to revamp one aspect of the program, let's chat about where our travel strategy experts can step in to help you out!

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Program Marketing

Program Strategy

If your organization is sending travelers into the world, you know how complicated it can be to facilitate a group trip. And it's a lot of work to re-invent the wheel for each group! Rely on our team of strategy experts to help you create a program that capitalizes on efficiency & always stays true to your brand.

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Program Marketing

When we're talking about branded trips, marketing goes much deeper than the logo on a brochure. 

Let's make sure you're trip stays true to your brand from the first conversation with a potential traveler to the accommodations & in-country experiences.

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Program Strategy
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Training Travelers

When you send volunteers into the world, they're a representation of your brand. And, as such, they should know what's expected of them. 

Let's work together to give your travelers all the resources they need for a successful trip.

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Trip Facilitation

There are so many details to manage when you're facilitating a group trip! If you're in charge of getting any other job done while on the road, the role of trip facilitator can feel really overwhelming. 

Trust one of our group travel experts to come along & facilitate all the trip logistics, so you can focus on the job you're traveling to do. 

Trip Facilitation
Training Travelers



Laura K.

"What an amazing addition to our team! I am so in awe of how God’s gifted Bailey – with organization, persistence, wisdom, + joy. Thanks for bringing order to chaos! You are truly the woman for the job!"

Kaytie F.

"It is such a pleasure to work with our Program Designer, Bailey Smith. I am always impressed by her logical thinking, peace-filled demeanor and organizational skills. The clarity she has brought to our teams program through her pragmatic approach to problem solving has revolutionized the way we send people overseas. No matter your destination, I highly recommend Indie Travel Design!"

Brittany H.

"I am beyond thankful for Indie Travel Design! Their program designer is always encouraging and gives me space to process when we’re struggling with strategic plans. I’m incredibly impressed with her ability to redesign our teams in as little as a year. I love her drive and passion for everything she does!"

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Let's Chat


This is so exciting! We'll contact you to set up a time to chat & start strategizing.

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