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It's Not That Simple

We heard Joey Harrington’s TEDx Talk about how easy it is to portray yourselves in a whole different light on social media. We all do it. We post about all the exciting and great things happening in our lives with no regard to the hard, realities that we deal with. In turn, this creates a “keeping up with the virtual Jones'” type of mentality. So, let me be real with you for a second…

Although it may seem exciting and luxurious to be moving to Germany, let me assure you, this process has not been as simple as it may look.

Our current plan is to leave town in a week for a road trip to visit family in Washington and California before taking off. Notice how I said “road trip”? Well, the alternator in our trusty little Honda went out earlier this week. On top of packing, last minute things at work, and preparing for goodbyes, we’re Ubering around town while our car is in the shop. Definitely not the way we expected this to go, nor the way we were hoping to save money.

Meanwhile, we still haven’t received Taylor’s visa in the mail. Because he had to leave his passport with the German consulate office in order to get his visa, he also hasn’t received his passport in the mail. No passport means no traveling internationally.

We still plan to leave next week, we’re just crossing our fingers that his visa gets here in time. All that to say, this whole move isn’t as luxurious as it may seem. Sure, it’ll be worth it once it’s all said and done, but moving abroad has not been easy so far and I’m sure there are plenty of challenges ahead of us.


In 2016, our founder, Bailey Smith, finagled her way into moving abroad with her husband. In their off time, they were able to travel all around Europe. Many of Bailey's travel experiences during those two years have shaped Indie Travel Design into what it is today. Follow along with their story of negotiating jobs, applying for visas, and living in Germany.


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