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The Job Offer

Well, it’s official! My husband was offered a job in Technical Sales at an office in Fürth, Germany.

We began discussing the opportunity with his boss in September and he didn’t receive his job offer until February…that’s 5 months! Since we pitched the idea to the company in September, it has been an ongoing conversation, requiring a number of escalations and approvals within the company. Trust me, it has not been easy or straight forward. But we’re confident that it’ll all be worth it once we’re living in Germany!

Plus, it looks like my husband won’t be the only one working while we’re in Germany!

I am so excited to remain employed through the tech company I've been working with in Portland, OR. I’ve been the Marketing Coordinator for about a year and now I’ll continue to manage similar projects while I work remotely in Europe.

This wasn’t an easy sell to the company, as we don’t have other remote employees and we don’t have an office in Germany. But I love my job and wanted to find a way to make it work. Of course, every deal takes a little negotiating and, in this case, I’m taking a small cut in pay. Luckily, living costs are slightly lower in Germany, so I think we’ll be fine.

This will create a great opportunity for me to continue learning and growing in my career, while gaining a better understanding of our international business. All things considered, I’m pretty stoked!


In 2016, our founder, Bailey Smith, finagled her way into moving abroad with her husband. In their off time, they were able to travel all around Europe. Many of Bailey's travel experiences during those two years have shaped Indie Travel Design into what it is today. Follow along with their story of negotiating jobs, applying for visas, and living in Germany.


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