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Time for Take Off

Holy smokes! Here we go! I didn’t think this day was ever going to come!

Taylor’s visa finally came on Thursday, the day before we left Portland. (Just in the nick of time! Phew!) The only problem is that it’s a 90 day visa, which is completely useless. (US citizens can travel to Germany as tourists or on business for up to 90 days before a visa is required.) We’re not sure if this is a misunderstanding, a mistake, or if they really want us to leave in 90 days. So stay tuned. If we get deported, we’ll need a couch to sleep on in the US.

Regardless, he has his passport and that’s all that’s required to get on that flight! Once we arrive in Germany, we’ll check in at the immigration office and try to get it all sorted out.

Wish us luck!


In 2016, our founder, Bailey Smith, finagled her way into moving abroad with her husband. In their off time, they were able to travel all around Europe. Many of Bailey's travel experiences during those two years have shaped Indie Travel Design into what it is today. Follow along with their story of negotiating jobs, applying for visas, and living in Germany.


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