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Meet the

Keys Crew

This group has been friends since college. They're all busy professionals with lives of their own, but try to get together as often as they can. 

When the idea for a big summer vacay came up, nobody wanted to take over the researching, budgeting & planning. 

Enter Indie Travel Design!

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Step 1

With such a dynamic group, our travel designers knew there would be mixed interests & varying budgets. We talked to everyone in the group individually to get a feel for what they expected of the vacation.

Based on their feedback, we researched all the things that would make all their vacay dreams come true.


Step 2

Step-by-step, we sent our recommendations for them to review. Check them out below!

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Step 3

The GO GUIDE was sent to each person in the group a couple weeks before their departure. 


The group had time to review the information & then take off for their completely custom curated vacation! 

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