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3 Tips for Couples Travel

We hear from people all the time that say traveling stresses them out. They get anxiety, they get short-tempered, and before they know it, they’re arguing with their partner over something ridiculous (like whether the flight is at 2:00 or 2:05). Now we can’t say that we have all the answers, but we’ve figured out a few things that help us work together and minimize the stress.

Here are a few tricks we’ve used to help us stress less and travel more:

Pack the night before your trip

Let’s face it, we’ve all been in a last minute scramble to grab everything we need for a trip. We run out the door and pray we didn’t forget anything. Then, we’re late to the airport and our trip is off to a hectic start.

To avoid the craziness, have your bags packed and by the door the night before you leave. This will keep you from rushing around, grabbing last minute items 10 minutes after you were supposed to leave. Plus, if you pack the night before and it takes longer than you'd anticipated, you'll only be cutting into your sleep time.

Use your strengths to help each other out

Bailey, Founder of Indie Travel Design, and her husband have both traveled quite a bit by themselves. They certainly know how to navigate the scene alone and fend for themselves. But she believes it’s a lot more fun to rely on each other when they can. She says, "The biggest advantage to traveling with someone is splitting up the responsibility. For example, I’m naturally more organized, so I typically hang on to all the important documents. When we get to customs, I know right where passports, boarding passes, visas, etc. are stored in my bag and I can grab them quickly for both of us. On the flip side, my husband likes searching for the best flight deals and booking our flights, so he deals with the front end. When we first get to the airport, he knows what airline we’re flying and where we need to go to check bags- I just follow along."

Pack snacks!

When you’re traveling long distances, you can never be too sure when your next meal will be. If you’re crossing time zones, your body can get confused and you’ll find that you get hungry at random times. Make sure you have enough snacks to hold you over. You know those Snickers commercials where someone is a total diva until they take a bite of a Snickers and then they miraculously transform into a normal, relaxed human being? Well, that’s called “hangry” and it’s a very real thing. We’ll let you in on a secret- any food will act as a cure, not just Snickers.


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