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New York is Never a Bad Idea

On posters, t-shirts, and Pinterest boards across the US you might see the phrase, “Paris is always a good idea.” Well, the European equivalent is, “New York is never a bad idea.” Seriously.

Whenever I’ve told people in Europe that I’m from the USA they say, “OMG! I’ve been to New York City once and it was so much fun!” And I, being a West Coaster, just stare at them as if they’re talking about a completely different continent. Because, let’s be real, not many of us West Coasters have any idea what goes on in the big city besides what we see in movies. So, in true European form, we visited NYC!

Okay, okay. We didn’t just jet set freely back to the States. My husband had to go for work and I got to tag along because working remotely allows me to work from anywhere with wifi, even his hotel room! So we spent half the week working in Sterling, VA and then we drove up the coast to NYC for a long weekend. (Side note- if you ever think about driving up the East Coast, don’t. There’s definitely no Highway 1 over there, so the views of the ocean are few and far between. And the toll prices add up to the same amount as a plane ticket.) Regardless, road tripping gave us the opportunity to see friends along the way and make a pit stop in Atlantic City.

NYC was a blast! We ate good food (after all, that's what vacation is all about!), we did a lot of sight-seeing, and we walked/rode bikes a ton! [I’ll have to do a whole separate post on our top 5 places to eat in NYC.] I think the highlight of our trip was jet-skiing around Manhattan. If you’ve ever been jet skiing, you already know it’s a blast! Add the iconic views of the Big Apple and you can pretty much just take our money. It was spendy, but I’d do it 5 times over if I had the chance!

Adventuring is fun, but real life happens every day all over the world. So just like everyone else’s Monday morning, we headed into work. Here’s to starting your week on nearly no sleep, but enough adrenaline to keep you going!


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