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Podcast with Adult Struggles

Listen in as our Founder, Bailey Smith, chats with the host of Adult Struggles about what we might be able to expect when we're ready to start traveling again after the Coronavirus quarantines.

You’ll Learn

We’re covering passenger precautions, the potential of a new health enforcement agency, travel restrictions, and the overall economic impact. Think you’re ready to pack your bags and jump on the next flight out of here? This episode may help you figure that out!

  • When will it be safe to start traveling again?

  • What precautions should passengers take once “normal” travel resumes?

  • Will travel restrictions exist for travelers coming from highly infected nations

  • Predictions for how security and flight protocols may change as a result of the global pandemic, including entering the airport, security screening, on-board, and upon arrival

  • What travel requirements should be in place to prevent a resurgence of the disease

  • The possibility of a new health enforcement agency that screens passengers

  • The economic impact – will this prevent people from traveling in the long term?

  • What will happen to countries whose economies rely heavily on tourism?


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