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What the Heck is a Beer Spa?

I know what you’re thinking- it sounds weird and disgusting. I completely agree with you! When I first heard that people are bathing in beer, I was a little grossed out and super intrigued. So when we headed to Czech Republic, the nation that invented beer, so we HAD to try it!

To be honest, I thought we were going to be walking into some crazy drunk fest with a bunch of strangers swimming around in beer. Thank goodness I was way off! I was shocked at the professionalism and cleanliness of the facility. When we walked in, it was just like walking into any other spa: quiet voices, friendly staff, and a relaxing atmosphere.

The staff walked us through each step of the experience and explained each treatment in full. First, he showed us to our private changing room, then to our private room with giant tub. He poured us a couple beers (cold ones to drink!), explained what was in the tub and left us to soak for half an hour. He even left a bell so that we could ring it if we needed anything, including more beer.

While the beer spa brochures all call it “bathing in beer,” it’s not like jumping right into a keg. (Which is what I was half expecting.) It’s called a “beer bath” because it contains ingredients which are used in beer brewing. The main ingredient is warmed mineral water, which is boosted with a couple cups of yeast and various beer extract oils and herbs. The ingredients are high in vitamin B and proteins, which act as treatment to acne, cellulite, and other bacteria found on the skin. We were reluctant to believe them when they told us that the combination is really good for your hair, skin, and nails, but I can assure you that my skin was extra soft for a few days after the treatment.

After half an hour, the jets in the tub stopped, signaling to us that we could step out and dry off. The staff came back to lead us to another room. (Honestly, this part was weirder than the bathing experience!) We walked into a low-lit room with a queen sized bed where the staff wrapped us in heating blankets. We were to lay there and relax in the warmth while continuing to drink unlimited beer. At the end, we were ushered back to our private changing room to shower off. Some of the larger packages include a massage at some point, but we didn’t pay for the larger package.

We all know a warm bath is relaxing, but following it up by the warmed bed is supposed to improve circulation of the vascular system and help with joint pain.

The experience as a whole was relaxing, comfortable, and completely private.

If you're heading to Prague and hoping to replicate our experience, here are all the details you'll need:

Please note- we are not doctors. From what we’ve read, these health benefits have not been thoroughly tested. Their validity is unbeknownst to us. However, we can speak from personal experience to say it was relaxing & made our skin soft.


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